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December is the 12th and the last month with a length of 31 days. The month got its name from a Latin word decem.

decem means tenth because in Roman calendar but they later added January and February and this month became the twelfth.

December is also called as the month of welcoming winter with rain and snow. The famous Christmas celebrations begin in this month and people spend their quality time with the family. Turquoise, zircon is the birthstone for this month and Capricorn is termed as the zodiac sign for December.

December 21 and 22 are the shortest day of the year and has the longest night and called as the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

December is also known as the countdown end month and observed as the beginning of the New Year and celebration across the world. Check Out Happy Christmas Day 2019 Images, Pictures, and Quotes

December 2019 Calendar
December 2019 Calendar Decorative

St. Andrews Day:- This is the feast day of Saint Andrew and is celebrated annually on 30 November because this day is accepted as the date of St. Andrew’s death. The day is Scotland’s National holiday and an official bank holiday but is not a mandate for the banks to be closed and is left to the employees to decide. St. Andrew was originally a fisherman and is also considered as one of the twelve disciples of Apostles. He also spread the teaching to Greece and Romania and made people his followers.

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Calendar 2019 December
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Calendar December 2019
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Proclamation Day – This day is a public holiday in Southern Australia and is the day next to Christmas Eve. Southern Australia became a British province and the holiday was celebrated to commemorate the day on 28 December 1836. Modern-day Adelaide was the region where British ships arrived and made their camps in the creeks.

Boxing Day – This is a public holiday celebrated a day after Christmas which is 26 December. In some countries, it is observed as St Stephen’s day. This day is named from the fact when people used to get rid of the empty Christmas gift boxes. The day also marks a tradition of giving gifts to tradesman, milkmen etc. Many priests open their boxes in churches after Christmas and donate the needy or poor and this has become a popular theory in many countries. Thus this day is of great importance.