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Easter is the celebration of the resuscitation of Jesus on the third day after he was crucified. Remembering the day as a rise of the Lord Jesus who died for our sins and came back the third day and is also a way to renew the hope of victory over sin. There is a period followed for fasting also called as Lent wherein many churches set time for the remembrance. Easter day is of great significance within Christianity and is also considered as the foundation stone of the Christian faith. Easter is a holy festival which is celebrated immensely in the churches around the world. The tradition of the fest starts with dimly lit church followed by special prayers sung to praise Jesus Christ. In countries like Poland, the celebrations are vaster with large processions being carried out with a mass of people.  People love to involve themselves in charitable causes and sing happy prayers in order to celebrate the rising of the Jesus or reincarnation of Jesus. See More Easter Day Wishes

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The egg is regarded as the symbol of rebirth and is painted and decorated. Although church prohibited the use of eggs chicken continued to lay the eggs and a notion of a new life began and hence the eggs are painted red to symbolize the blood Jesus shed. Easter eggs are quite popular among children in the United States as the wife of President Rutherford B.Hayes, lady Lucy Hayes sponsored the first annual Easter egg roll on the white house lawn, in 1878. The popular flower and the sign of Easter are Easter Lilies that are said to be as great as a gift from mom or grandma. Floral shops and Gardens are in their full peak as Easter arrives. The date for the Easter changes every year and is the first Sunday after the full moon.