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Eid-al-Fitr is one of the greatest celebrations for Muslims across the world. It literally means “Breaking of the Fast” and it is not supposed to begin until the new moon shines in the sky. It means around the world depending on different locations and time zones.

But to make it more precise, some celebrates Eid when the new moon appears over Mecca. This festival is also known as the Ramadan festival which is said to honor the Quran when it was revealed to Prophet Mohammad.

The fast not only includes restriction from Food, liquids or any medication but is said to be very difficult as you cannot even gulp your own saliva. As the Islamic calendar is based on the lunar cycle unlike the Gregorian calendar, the appearance of a new moon is said to be the start of the new month.

The lunar month is shorter than a Gregorian month as the moon appears every 29.54 days and the fast continues for three days but depending on the calendar and date it might last longer. During Eid or Ramadan Muslims perform morning prayers; cleanse their bodies and the greetings of Eid Mubarak which means “Have a blessed Eid Festival” is very common. See More Eid al Fitr Greetings

Eid al Fitr 2019
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Eid al Fitr 2019 Images
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Eid in 2019 is anticipated to fall on 4th June however this depends on the sighting of the moon as this can also be confirmed by the local Mosque. The most important routine of devoting yourself fully to Allah is carried out throughout the first day of Eid.

It also begins with greeting your family and friends and performing Dawn prayer (Fajr salah) which is an act of cleansing the body.

After these new clothes are worn and families go to the local masjid to offer prayers and blessings. There is also a tradition to exchange gifts between close family members and young children.

Eid-Ul-Fitr is also termed as “Sweet Eid” as different kind of sweets and snacks are distributed and are readily available in the market.

Eid al Fitr Quotes
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Eid al Fitr Cards
Eid al Fitr 2019 Quotes
Eid al Fitr Images
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This is a great festival of love as Quran also says: Not to Join God in his worship, but do good to parents, Do good to poor and orphans, Do good to neighbor or stranger or a companion for that matter, Allah will be proud and will bless you completely”.

This year’s Eid-Ul-Fitr will be celebrated on 5 June 2019 and will finish the following day but the exact time of its end is difficult to predict as it depends on the moon.

Muslims also sacrifice animals and is a tradition and in Britain, this tradition is done in the slaughterhouse and later the meat is divided amongst friends and family.

This conclusion is that it is a festival of Allah the God and his prime supremacy over humans and not to forget his blessings and gratitude and offering our special prayers and thankfulness with an open heart to him and never leave behind his lessons and forgiveness. Happy Eid to every reader and may god rejoice your life and family with ecstasy and happiness all.