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Family day is an enacted holiday or a statutory holiday which falls on 3rd Monday of February and is celebrated in the province of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and New Brunswick. Earlier Alberta was the only province to have this as a statutory holiday which started back in 1990. It is also a Public holiday in South Africa. This day enables workers to take a break from their hectic work and spend their quality time with friends and family. Easter Monday was renamed Family Day in South Africa after 1995 wherein the state of Nevada celebrates the day after Thanksgiving. This day can simply be called as The Relaxing day as you may choose to relax or go out for a picnic or have a festive meal together for that matter?

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You may like playing with your kids and create a strong and healthy relationship and that can surely make a huge difference in their lives. Hugs and kisses or any family gathering or function can make your family happy and more loving towards you because every family is unique in their own way and spending time together can make that knot very strong. Many organizations in many countries take the initiative to educate the families on how to excel in their day to day activities which can ultimately make a huge difference in the lives of the citizens.