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Remembrance Day also is known by the name of Poppy Day is a day of remembrance poppy and is also a memorial day observed in commonwealth member states since World War I ended. It was first marked in 1919 throughout the British Commonwealth. Poppy is the symbol of this day and is sold by the Royal Canadian Legion to provide support to veterans. This day is to remember the member of the armed forces who died while serving the nation. It is a tradition started by King George V in 1919.

This day is marked on 11 November in most of the countries to recall the end of hostilities of World War I on the same date in 1918. Remembrance Day is a statutory federal holiday in Canada and in the provinces such as Yukon, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador). See MoreĀ Thanksgiving Day Images, Pictures, and Quotes Download

The heritage of Remembrance Day evolved out of Armistice Day. This day was earlier observed at Buckingham Palace, beginning with King George hosting an honor of the French President. Some citizens in 1928 out of which many were veterans, pushed for upper recognition and to separate the remembrance of the war sacrifice from the Thanksgiving holiday. Federal Government in 1931 stated that the newly named Remembrance Day will be observed on 11 November and Thanksgiving was moved to a different date.

Poppy Remembrance Day
Poppy Remembrance Day Images
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Remembrance Day would spotlight on the memory of the fallen soldiers rather than the political and the military events leading to a win in the World War I. Most of the allied countries adopted the rule of entombing unknown soldiers over the following decade. Australian and the British government changed the name to Remembrance Day after the end of the Second World War.

Remembrance Day revitalized interest in recollecting the war and military sacrifice, enticing thousands of ceremonies in large and small cities across the nation. It remained a day of tribute to the fallen, but conventional services also witnessed occasional calls to recall the horror of war and to embrace peace and harmony.

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The ceremonies of Remembrance Day are usually held at community monuments and war memorials or maybe at schools and other public places. The ceremony includes 2 minutes of silence, playing of the Last Post, the rendering of In Flanders Fields, and the wearing of poppies.

Nations like Barbados, Belize and Saint Lucia do not recognize this day as a public holiday but ceremonial events and parades are held on this day. It is a national holiday in countries like France and Belgium and is also one of the most important military celebrations in France as it was a major French victory and they paid a very heavy price in the form of blood to achieve it.

In Italy, it is the day of National Unity of the Armed forces but is not a public holiday. Norway and Poland also celebrated this day and ceremonies and events are held at war memorials and a large gathering in schools and churches can also be seen.