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According to Julian and Gregorian calendars, September is the 9th month of the year however one of the oldest Roman calendars considers September as the seventh month of the 10 months.

Sapphire is the birthstone for September whereas Forget-me-not, morning glory and aster are the birth flowers for September. Forget-me-not denotes memories with love, aster is love itself and morning glory signifies unrequited love.

Virgo and Libra are the zodiac signs for this month. September marks some of the famous holidays such as Labor Day which is observed on the First Monday in September, Native American Day is observed on the fourth Friday of September and Constitution day of the United States which is observed in the 17th of September. See More September 2019 Calendar Template

There are some dates and days which are specifically dedicated to food and fun such as September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day (That does not give you any offers or discounts on Cheese pizza anywhere).

September Calendar 2019 Blank
September Calendar 2019 Blank Template
September Calendar 2019 Blank
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September 9th which is National Teddy Bear Day and so on? September also witnesses some of the historical events such as Great Fire of London which started from a bakery in London and took complete 3 days to put it off.

September 22 is the date when President Abraham Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation to end slavery in the territories held by the Confederacy. People born in the month of September are very amazing in accordance to the zodiac signs. Without a doubt, they are the best and the finest people to start your conversation with.

They will be extremely polite while talking and will make you fall in love with their talks. They worry a bit and don’t care much about the materialistic world however they give a little importance to such matters.

September 2019 Calendar Blank
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September 2019 Calendar
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They would generally prefer a Road Trip to some unknown destination and will enjoy it to their fullest. If you are keen to know what does a Bookworm means the answer is September born people. They are considered as true readers however some may find it irritating but we all know books are our best friends so no matter where they travel or go their companion will always are with them.

They have the ability to work alone and give results with flying colors and when working in a team they create a high positive aura. Virgo being a zodiac sign is said to be dedicated, smart working and Loyal whereas Libras are sincere, immaculate and charming. Also, some of the famous world personalities are born in September.

For example Queen Elizabeth I of England was born on 7th of September who was a British National.  Similarly, Mr. Narendra Modi India prime minister who has in no time changed the face of the country is also born on 17th September. There are many more in this list but to sum it all we can say that charismatic personalities are born in September who have the courage and Caliber to change the world alone.