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This day is observed every year on 14 February and is also known as St Valentine’s Day as honors one of the two early saints Valentinus. Valentine Day is acknowledged as a religious, cultural and promotional celebration of Romance and Love in many regions around the world but is not a public holiday in any country. Pope Gelasius in 496 AD is said to be the incorporator of this day. Countless martyrs were martyrs for several reasons in the early years however none of them were associated with Valentine or Love. First time in the 14th century Valentine was associated with love and since then it is being followed as a tradition to start with a particular Valentine. Some believe that this day is to respect Saint Valentine who refused to follow the order of Claudius II who was the Emperor and Claudius II believed that young men should refrain from love as they no longer remain fine soldiers.

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However, the saint did not follow his orders and helped many men marry very secretly. Thus the Emperor ordered his people to kill Saint Valentine and since then the Valentine’s Day was started. This day is mostly celebrated in western countries but is now making its presence in other countries of the world. On this day, Lovers exchange cards and gifts to express their love for each other while who are single look for their Valentine. Special candlelight dinners and dance parties are organized by many clubs accompanied by music all around.