Free Printable 2019 Calendar

Keeping a track of events and trends in today’s era is of the utmost importance when it comes to managing time and unbound your skills to reach new innovative heights. A question comes thereof: What can be done to track this? How can I keep a record? A simple answer to this sort of question is ‘calendar‘. Those days are gone far behind when festivals were only confined to a nation or a community. Thanks to the growing popularity of social media and agencies, we all need a base of what is to be done at that time because we live in a country where languages and festival changes in every 50 km. What is known to the west might sound alien to the east? It’s always better to pre-plan things.

Printable January 2019 Calendar

So this year we bring to you our extended calendar which you can use to identify the events, plan your days in advance and to be one step ahead of your competitors. Our simple and sorted calendar brings to you a series of events and festivals month wise which you can use to plan your tasks.

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New Year – Do we really need an introduction to this day? My answer would be ‘NO’ to this. We all celebrate this big day with great pomp and show which New Year eve is. We all make resolutions to resolve what we could not in the past.

Martin Luther – This day is observed every year on the 3rd Monday of January marking the birth of the Great King Martin Luther in the United States. Martin was also the youngest to receive the Noble Peace prize at the age of 35.

Swami Vivekanand’s Birthday – The day of the great Indian leader’s birthday which is also celebrated as National Youth Day in the entire Indian subcontinent. He is more known for spreading the value of spirituality and Yoga to the western world.

Republic Day and Australia Day – This day is celebrated as Republic Day for India and also celebrated as Australian Day in Australia. Indians and Many Australians consider this day as a day of national pride.

Martyr’s Day – This day is remembered as the assassination day of Mahatma Gandhi also known as ‘Bapu’. Bapu is remembered for his courage and sacrifice towards the nation. He is also known as the Father of the nation in India who fought in the freedom struggle for many years.

Here is the list of 2019 Calendar With Holidays

Date Day Holidays
01-January-2019 Tuesday New Year’s Day
21-January-2019 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day
14-February-2019 Thursday Valentine’s Day
18-February-2019 Monday Family Day
18-February-2019 Monday President’s Day
18-March-2019 Sunday St Patrick’s Day 
21-April-2019 Sunday Easter Day
12-May-2019 Sunday Mother’s Day
27-May-2019 Monday Memorial Day
30-May-2019 Thursday Ascension Day
04-June-2019 Tuesday Eid al-Fitr
16-June-2019 Sunday Fathers Day
04-July-2019 Thursday Independence Day
11-August-2019 Sunday Eid al-Adha 
15-August-2019 Thursday Assumption Day
02-September-2019 Monday Labour Day
14-October-2019 Monday Columbus Day
31-October-2019 Thursday Halloween
11-November-2019 Monday Veterans Day
11-November-2019 Monday Remembrance Day
28-November-2019 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
25-December-2019 Wednesday Christmas Day

January 2019 Calendar

January 2019 Calendar

This is the shortest month of the year and often called the ‘Love month’. Unlike other months this month only has 28 days and 29 days (leap year).  The month of February is described as a pleasant month because winters are on the edge and the autumn is on the cards. This was one of the months which were added to the Roman Calendar lately. This month is also known as the month of purification in ancient mythologies. In many provinces across the world, this month is believed to be the sacred months as many deities and Greek gods visit the planet and share their blessings.

Printable February 2019 Calendar

You can download the calendar with or without a template. Download the photo calendar using any photo of your choice. We provide an editable calendar wherein you can mark the events according to your choice.

Our calendar format can be downloaded in any format like a word, pdf, and xls. Our calendar gives you a list of holidays with which you can plan your tasks accordingly.

Family Day and Louis Reil Day  This day is celebrated on 3 Monday of February every year in Canada. Being a country under federal rule it is not a federally established holiday and federal workers go to work. It is only observed at Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia. This day is also celebrated as a Louis Reil Day Holiday.

President’s Day  This day is observed as the public holiday in most of the states. This day is celebrated as the birth date of the First president of the United States, George Washington. Many people consider this day as a lucky day to start with something new. From big business to a small firm, people love to give a start to their live hood on this day.

February 2019 Calendar
February 2019 Calendar

The calendar is a system of fixing the date, events, and targets to be accomplished for the entire coming days or months. So we bring in the picture our latest calendar wherein you can mark and place your events and tasks in the list and keep yourself ahead. Our calendar presents to you the sorted and planned way of managing your day to day tasks. Accomplish your plans in advance with our advanced calendars. You can download it in any format without the internet. Be it JPEG, WORD, EXCEL or PDF.

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Printable March 2019 Calendar

March is considered as the month of onset of spring and month of festivals. In the old versions of the Roman calendar and is the first month of the year. March is often termed as the month of wet spring and dry harvest. Daffodil is the March’s birth flower which signifies requited love.  Also, most of the full moons are in the month of March and it glorifies March’s beauty which is also called as Mauritius as it is a love month. It is also considered as a lucky month to start your business as horoscopes are in perfect condition and are best aligned with each other.

Labor’s Day This day is marked as a Public holiday on many parts of Australia and it was originally known as the ‘Eight hours Day’. Previously people in Australia used to work for 11 to 12 long hours six days a week. In 1948 finally, five hours work environment was kept in place and was a boon to the people and hence celebrated as Labor Day till date.

St Patrick’s Day This day is celebrated on 17 March every year as a holiday in most of the parts of Ireland. Some treat it as a mere holiday however Northern Ireland celebrates it as there Bank holiday. St Patrick was one of the famous saints of a country. This day is also recognized as Irish heritage and accepted by almost all the backgrounds in the country.

March 2019 Calendar
March 2019 Calendar

Whenever we think of managing time and tasks, what comes in our mind? How do we keep track of all our work and planners? Well, the answer to this is ‘Calendars’. The calendar is one of the easy and handy ways of managing work and time. This paves the way for better time management and gives you an extra edge over others. We present to you our extensive and simplified calendars wherein you can mark your tasks very easily and keep going. Never forget any of your important work and miss the opportunities. Our calendars are downloadable in any format very easily. Just a click and you are done!

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Printable April 2019 Calendar

April is the fourth month of the year and is characterized as an open month for Environment as trees and plants start to bloom. They begin to open and mesmerize the nature with their awesomeness. In Roman Calendars it is the Second earliest month. In ancient history ploughing of the field by the emperors was done in this month because they considered this month lucky for their grounds. The birthstone which symbolizes April is Diamond and the birth flower is Daisy. Aries and Taurus are called the Zodiac signs for the month of April.

Emancipation Day This holiday is observed in Washington D.C. The weekday to 16 April is celebrated as Emancipation Day. It is also called as Taxing Holiday in Washington D.C. and other parts as it may affect the due date for tax return for all US citizens. In the legal amendment, it was decided to collect the tax from every citizen coming out of the income they earn.

Easter Day Easter Day is also known as Good Friday and Easter Eve. This is marked as a full day when Jesus body was crucified and is a popular day for baptisms. This day is marked in different parts of the world and many rituals are performed. It is believed that these rituals can help with the salvation of dying and because of which baptism was allowed.

Free Printable Monthly 2019 Calendar

April 2019 Calendar

April 2019 Calendar

Today’s world runs on effective time management and effective time management skill is very much important to gain consistency and get the desired result. But is there a way of managing effective time management? Is there a tool or device? The calendar is an answer to all these questions. It is an effective tool or device which will surely help you gain confidence and keeping a record of the tasks to be completed. Our easy to understand and any format downloadable calendar is available in all the formats like JPEG, PDF, PNG etc. It can be downloaded in a portrait or landscape. Download and paste it anywhere in your house where you can keep a regular eye.

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Printable May 2019 Calendar

May is the fifth of the year and named after the Greek goddess, Maia who is also known as the Roman goddess of fertility. Lilly of the valley is the birth flower and Emerald which represents love is the birthstone for May. Taurus and Gemini are the zodiac signs of May. This month is also celebrated as National Smile month in the United Kingdom. In French May is called as ‘mai’ wherein Spanish name for May is ‘mayo’.

Mother’s Day Though it is not a public holiday, but is a legal national holiday which is observed on the second Sunday of the month. More than 50 countries celebrate this day but not all countries have the same celebration the very same day because of the different time zones across the world. This day commemorates returning to your mother church. The tradition to celebrate this day differs in different countries.

Victoria Day – This day is marked as a statutory holiday in Canada on Monday before the 25 May. Many Canadians mark this as an unofficial beginning of summers. Federal employees are granted holiday on this day.

National Patriot’s Day It is also a statutory public holiday in the province of Quebec in Canada. This day commemorates to the Lower Canada rebellion of 1837. This holiday is on the same day as Victoria Day.

Reconciliation Day – This day is a public holiday in the Canberra city of Australia. Canberra is also the capital of Australia. This holiday falls after 27 May and it has to be a Monday. This day marks the anniversary of the 1967 Australian referendum and also the start of the National Reconciliation Week.

Memorial Day Last Monday of May is marked as Memorial Day in the United States which is also a Federal Holiday. All schools, libraries and even most federal and state offices are also closed on this day. As this day has to be a Monday, it is also a popular long weekend for outdoor events and picnics.

Ascension Day  This is the 40th Day of Easter and commemorates the ascension of Jesus into heaven. It is also believed that Jesus preached with his apostles and disciples.

May 2019 Calendar
May 2019 Calendar

The most widely used chart or series of pages showing days, weeks and months or giving particular information is Calendar. Keep yourself ahead of tasks and be one step forward is the most essential thing in today’s scenario. Our series of different Calendar helps to find the daily knowhow of what is to be done and how. One simple and easy way to understand is our Calendar which is available in any format with just a click.

You can easily download the Calendar free of cost in any format you want from our website: 

Printable June 2019 Calendar

June is the sixth month of the year with 30 days in it. This month is named after Juno the Roman goddess of fertility and childbirth. Birthstone symbol for June is Pearl wherein Gemini and Cancer are its Zodiac signs. Rose is considered as the symbol for June month. In Roman, June is also known as lunius and in German, it is called as Brach-mond. Some people call it the best month to get married as this month is the first month of the summer season and the weather is pleasant.

Western Australia Day – This day is a regional holiday in the western parts of Australia and falls on the first Monday of June. It is also known as Foundation Day and commemorates the day when European settlers arrived for the first time in Western Australia.

Queen’s Birthday in Australia – This is a feast celebrating the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II who is also the Queen of Great Britain. This is also the start of Australia’s ski season. Except for Queensland and Western Australia, it is celebrated on the Second Monday of June.

National Aboriginal Day – This day is a provincial holiday in Northwestern territories in Canada. The day of the summer solstice (21 June) marks this day which is 21 June. The idea of this day is to celebrate the indigenous culture and contributions of the Aboriginals which was first proposed in 1982.

Discovery Day Again a provincial holiday in Newfoundland and Labrador which is celebrated on Monday which is nearest to 24 June. John Cabot a discoverer and a navigator discovered these two provinces and hence this day is marked as the Discovery Day.

National Holiday of Quebec – The Quebec province of Canada marks this day as a holiday which is celebrated on 24 June and is also St. John the Baptist day. St. John was the patron saint of the French Canadians. When the first group of French fleet arrived in Quebec they celebrated the feast day of St. John the Baptist and since 1636 this is marked as a holiday.

June 2019 Calendar
June 2019 Calendar

Our day to day tasks and accomplishments require a systematic evaluation and great time management. Since the ancient era, this has been taken into consideration and the work is done accordingly. But in today’s fast-moving world how do we keep a check of the time and tasks simultaneously so as to get the desired results. The answer is a task book or a note. But where to place this into? Well, each and every task in accordance with the time can easily be marked on a calendar with a pen or a pencil for that matter. This is one of the simplest things to manage time and keep you going well in advance. Just print out and keep a copy on your office table or at your workstation and you are good to go. Our simple and easy to understand calendar can help you achieve these tasks with just a click. Our calendar is available in the entire format whether JPG, DOC, XLS and many more.

You can easily download the Calendar free of cost in any format you want from our website:

Printable July 2019 Calendar

July is the seventh month of the year and named after the Roman general Julius Caesar being the month of her birth. Ruby is the birthstone of July which symbolizes contentment. Water Lily is considered as the birth flower of this month. Cancer and Leo are the Zodiac signs for this month. July is often the warmest month in many parts of the world. It is also called as a prime vacation month with the best warm weather. Best time for you to sit in a pool with a beer and enjoy the warmth of July.

Canada Day – This is the national day of Canada and is a statutory public holiday observed on July 1. Canada Day was established under the name Dominion Day. ‘Dominion Day’ became’ Canada Day’ on 27 October 1982. This Day is celebrated as the anniversary of the formation of the union of the British North America provinces in a federation under the name of Canada

U.S Independence Day – This is the national holiday which is celebrated on the 4th of July. Being a Federal Holiday school, libraries and all the federal and state offices remain closed. On this day, there are parades, barbecues, and fireworks in the entire United States. While the signing of the Declaration was not completed until August, the July 4th is seen as the official anniversary of U.S. independence.

July 2019 Calendar
July 2019 Calendar

A calendar is a device or tool to track your events, tasks and even more of the day to day activities. It gives you an extra edge with an eagle eye on the tasks to be done. Whenever we think of utilizing time and time management the easiest and the prominent way is Calendar. Just mark your event or task with a pen or a pencil on it and place it on your table or workstation and you are done. We present to you our simple and easy to understand Calendar which is very easy to download in any format whether PDF, Word, JPG, JPEG and many more with just a click.

Printable August 2019 Calendar

August is the eighth month of the year and has a length of 31 days. It is this month when Egypt was brought under the Authority of Roman People and the same month the civil war came to an end. Because of all these events, the month was considered as the most fortunate to the empire and it was thereby decreed by the Senate that the month will be called Augustus. Senate also decided to put the 31 days as of July into this month under Julius month.  Peridot and Sardonyx are the birthstones for this month whereas Gladiolus and Poppy are the Birth Flowers. August is also called as the cosmic month and certain meteor shower falls in the month and is at their maximum during this month only. Leo and Virgo are considered as the Zodiac signs for August.

Civic Day In Canada – Civic Day is also referred to as ‘August Long Weekend’ and also named by different names in different regions of Canada. This is a holiday which is not based on any event or historical logic but is simply a ‘Not to work’ day. In British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick all the government offices are closed however in Alberta, Quebec, and Yukon it is not mandatory to shut the offices on this day.

Heritage Day – Heritage day is not a statutory holiday but an optional civic holiday in Alberta province of Canada. Albertans may choose this as an optional holiday and can celebrate the province’s heritage. This day proves to be an inspiration for many events outside Alberta such as the Edmonton Heritage Festival and the Crows nest Pass doors open and Heritage festival.

August Bank Holiday – This is a bank holiday in Scotland on the first Monday in the month of August. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland it is observed on the last Monday of August. This holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland was moved to the last Monday in August 1971 whereas Scotland kept the original date.

August 2019 Calendar
August 2019 Calendar

When it comes to finding a technique for effective time management, we come up with a lot of various options because we live in a digital world and are given or granted a bulk of choices. But if we go back to basics when we used to write every small thing on a piece of paper and keep it with us. We used to be very effective in those formulas and tactics. In today’s era Calendar proves to be working the same way but more effectively. It is a very simple tool to just download and paste in front of the door or fridge and keep tracking your events. We have come up with a very simple but efficient Calendars which is easy to download in any format and can be accessed from anywhere. It is also available in the entire prescribed format like Word, JPG, and PDF.

Printable September 2019 Calendar

September is the ninth month of the year with a total of 30 days. In old England, it is also called Harvest Month as it was the time to gather the rest of the harvest and prepare for the next. Apple pie is often considered as the famous recipe of this month. This is also the best time for Gardening and harvesting. Also, the full harvest moon occurs on the 24 September. Sapphire is the birthstone and morning glory and aster is the birth flower for the month of September. Virgo and Libra are the zodiac signs for this month.

Father’s Day – This day celebrates and honors the role of fathers and forefathers. It is an ancient Roman tradition to honor fathers who had deceased. The world celebrates this day in a simple manner of giving gifts to fathers and family. Not to forget a father’s day card to be brought on the day and to pay respect to the fathers.

Labor Day (Canada) – This day is a National Holiday in Canada celebrated on the first Monday in September. May 1 is the date when the majority of the world celebrates this day. Printer’s revolt back in 1872 in Toronto left the traces of this day when organizers were jailed and their revolt was broke down.

Labor Day (United States) – This is a legal holiday in the United States observed on the first Monday in September and is celebrated on the same day when Canada celebrates it. This day means different for different people. For some, it is a day off and for some, it is a chance to say goodbye to summers. It is a day to pay tribute to workmen and women and honor the American labor movement and their contributions made towards the development, prosperity and well being of the nation.

September 2019 Calendar
September 2019 Calendar

The best technique in today’s world to keep a track of your day to day tasks is Calendar. It is a powerful tool to systematically organize, summarize and manipulate tasks. We just need to mark the event and place it somewhere visible to eyes and we are good to go. In daily life, we often miss a lot of events and sometimes we regret not putting that event in our list of tasks. The calendar is a medium to keep track of those events and never regret them. It keeps you ahead of the tasks and prepares you as a well-organized person. What if you forget your first marriage anniversary and you are out of the house for no reason! Well, that would come as a shock for you and sometimes a nightmare. But Calendar can act like your best friend in such scenarios. Hence we bring to you our online and print friendly calendar which is just a click download. Available in all the famous formats like PDF, DOC and JPG etc one can simply click on the link given and it’s done.

Printable October 2019 Calendar

October is the tenth month of the year having a length of 31 days. Its name is derived from octo, which means eight in Latin. In Middle English, this month is also called as October. In Geographical terms, this month is often termed as the month of Obsessive heat. The weather is very pleasant and one can plan all the outdoor activities or a long drive for that matter. The birth flower for the month of October is calendula and the birthstone is Opal. It is often said that if someone who is not born in October wears Opal it might break but it can just be considered as a myth. In the United States, October is termed as the ‘National Month’ as many important days of National importance falls on this month.

Discovery of America’s Day – This day is celebrated as a day when Columbus discovered America on 12 October. While in search for the sea route to India he reached the island of Bahamas that he later named as San Salvador.

Queen’s birthday in Australia – The day is a feast celebrating the birthday of the Queen of Great Britain and Australia Queen Elizabeth II. The day also marks the start of Australia’s ski season. Ski lovers from across the world join the season and take part in this adventure run.

Thanksgiving in Canada – Second Monday in October except in the New Brunswick region of Canada is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day. This is a retail closing holiday and most of the retail business is closed. Martin Frobisher formal English explorer while searching for the northern passage to orient came to Canada and settled there. Since then it became a recognized holiday in 1879. People celebrate it by gathering with their loved ones and preparing the Thanksgiving meal.

October 2019 Calendar
October 2019 Calendar

We were in the world of information and data today are prone to forget many important tasks and work which sometimes can lead to a disaster. Our daily life is so very busy that small task often skips our mind and we are in a dilemma of how to get that done again. We are in a constant search for some tools or devices wherein we can manage and easily locate our events and can overcome the shortfall. The calendar is one of the important devices to manage and keep check in a properly organized manner so as the tasks to be accomplished are never forgotten. We present to you our simplest of the simple calendar which is easy to download in all the formats. Just a click and it gets downloaded on to your computer. You can mark the day of your importance and can keep yourself ahead of the event.

Printable November 2019 Calendar

November is the 11 month of the year with the length of 30 days. November was the ninth month in the ancient Roman calendar and is also known as the month of late spring and late autumn in different Hemispheres. Andromeda Galaxy is often seen very clearly in this month and meteor shower from the Galaxy is also seen in some parts of the world. Scorpio and Sagittarius are the zodiac signs for the month of November and Topaz and chrysanthemum are considered as the birthstones and birth flower for this month. This month starts the beginning of the winter season and is often called as the pleasant month in the entire year.

Melbourne Cup Day – It is a regional public holiday in Victoria, Australia and is celebrated on the first Tuesday in November. This day is Australia’s annual premier horserace. It is often termed as ‘race that stops the nation’ as it covers a distance of 3.2 km at the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne. The winner gets a whopping amount of AU$175,000.

Guy Fawkes Night – This is not a public holiday though and is held annually on 5 November and may also be called as Fireworks night or Bonfire night and people celebrate this day with bonfire across the city. This day commemorates the arrest of Guy Fawkes and the failure of the ‘Gunpowder plot’ to blow up the House of Parliament. The conspirators of this plot were Roman Catholics who opposed the lack of religious tolerance.

Veterans Day – This day is a federal holiday in the entire states except for the state of Wisconsin. It is observed on November 12 or the weekday closest to the date. Schools, Local governments and businesses are not required to follow the closing of their daily work but are free to decide whether to observe the holiday or not. The NYSC and NASDAQ remain open and follow the normal operation on this day.

Thanksgiving Day – The day is celebrated on the 4th Tuesday in November in the United States. This day celebrates the giving of thanks for the autumn harvest. This day is termed basis some of the world’s earliest festivals and often scratch the surface of popular modern holidays. The tradition to celebrate this day lies back in 1621 when the pilgrims gave thanks to the first harvest and Plymouth.

November 2019 Calendar
November 2019 Calendar

A Calendar contains a system where we can systematically organize the days for social, commercial or personal use. This can simply be done by giving names to the date where you want the event or occasion to be remembered. You can even share it with your family and friends and help them remind of their tasks without failure. Additional details can also be filled in the column as we provide ample space in our easy to understand and simple to download Calendar which is free of cost. You can download our calendar is any format whether JPG, DOC, XLS and many more. This provides you with ease to your daily events, businesses or to your personal life as well.

Printable December 2019 Calendar

December is the 12th and the last month with a length of 31 days. The month got its name from a Latin word decem.

decem means tenth because in Roman calendar but they later added January and February and this month became the twelfth. December is also called as the month of welcoming winter with rain and snow. The famous Christmas celebrations begin in this month and people spend their quality time with the family. Turquoise, zircon is the birthstone for this month and Capricorn is termed as the zodiac sign for December. December 21 and 22 are the shortest day of the year and has the longest night and called as the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

December is also known as the countdown end month and observed as the beginning of the New Year and celebration across the world.

St. Andrews Day:- This is the feast day of Saint Andrew and is celebrated annually on 30 November because this day is accepted as the date of St. Andrew’s death. The day is Scotland’s National holiday and an official bank holiday but is not a mandate for the banks to be closed and is left to the employees to decide. St. Andrew was originally a fisherman and is also considered as one of the twelve disciples of Apostles. He also spread the teaching to Greece and Romania and made people his followers.

Proclamation Day – This day is a public holiday in Southern Australia and is the day next to Christmas Eve. Southern Australia became a British province and the holiday was celebrated to commemorate the day on 28 December 1836. Modern-day Adelaide was the region where British ships arrived and made their camps in the creeks.

Boxing Day – This is a public holiday celebrated a day after Christmas which is 26 December. In some countries, it is observed as St Stephen’s day. This day is named from the fact when people used to get rid of the empty Christmas gift boxes. The day also marks a tradition of giving gifts to tradesman, milkmen etc. Many priests open their boxes in churches after Christmas and donate the needy or poor and this has become a popular theory in many countries. Thus this day is of great importance.

December 2019 Calendar
December 2019 Calendar

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