Ascension Day Pictures of Jesus Christ 2019

The 40th day of Easter is known as Ascension Day and occurs the 39th day after Easter Sunday. It is a holiday marked as Jesus Christ Ascension into heaven according to Christian belief. It is a free day for many workers in the countries which celebrate this day as a public holiday.

As the day falls on Thursday many people take a long week off. This day is a public holiday in Indonesia wherein Germany also calls it as Father’s Day. Ascension Day Quotes

In Sweden, people often go out in the woods in the early morning to listen to cuckoo as they consider it as lucky. Christians in France attend churches before enjoying a day off.

Poultry is the essential food across France however young lamb, Asparagus and Avocado with mushroom soups are considered on this day. If the weather is clear and fine people often go to parks and open gardens to have their Food.

It is said that after giving his teachings to his disciples for 40 days Jesus took them to Mount of Olives from where Jesus ascended into heaven. Ascension Day celebrations include lighting candles and maybe processions with banners and torches in the church. This is mostly celebrated by Catholics and Anglican Christians.

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Different countries celebrate this day differently. For example, Columbia marks it on Monday after the actual date whereas England believes that if the day is sunny it will bring rains and warm summer and will be a poor harvest.

The day is also of a great significance because it reminds us of the glorious return of Jesus and is also a reminder of the Kingdom of great god in our hearts.

Many followers believe that the light and ever-present spirit of Jesus is protecting them from evil and watching over throughout the world. The Greek Church celebrates the Ascension Day by holding great vespers which is also an evening prayer.