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According to the Julian and Gregorian calendar, August is the eight months of the year with a length of 31 days. August is also called as the holiday month as most of the regional holidays fall on this month. This is also the month of the meteor shower as most of them take place between July 17 and mid-August. Maximum of them can be observed in Southern Hemisphere and a few in the Northern Hemisphere.

In ancient history, August was also known as the Depiction month for Harvesting. Peridot, Sardonyx, and spinel are the birthstones for this month whereas gladiolus or poppy is the birth flower which means beauty, love or marriage. Leo and Virgo are the zodiac signs of August.

The month starts with Friendship day and ends with a peace month and that enhance the beauty of August. In many languages, August is known by different names. For example Chinese call it bayue, the French call it about and Spanish calls it as agosto.

August can also be called as the last summer month as the weather starts to cool a bit. People born in the month of August are said to be very enthusiastic and full of zeal. They are always open to new challenges and are ready to fight any hindrance that may come in their way. See More August 2019 Calendar With Holidays

August 2019 Calendar Printable
August 2019 Calendar Printable Cute
August 2019 Calendar Printable
August 2019 Calendar Printable Pinterest

Hence it can also be said that they are one of the most successful people in their life. August unfolds some historical Anniversaries such as Lammas Day which is Thanksgiving Day in Britain and is observed on 1 August every year. The famous World War I was also fought in the month of August.

The United States launched its first communication satellite, Echo 1 on 12 August. Last but not the least Martin Luther King gave his first famous speech “I have a dream” on 28 August 1963. People born in August possess some unbelievable personality traits which differentiate them from the other.

They are very private people and prefer to have their own space rather merging into the crowd. On Emotional front, you need to be very careful with them as there can be a sudden outburst of Emotions and their mood swings can ruin the entire story.

Printable August 2019 Calendar
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Printable August Calendar 2019
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August 2019 Printable Calendar
August 2019 Calendar Printable Word

They are hesitant to share their feelings upfront and are hence considered as Introvert. But it is said that Introverts are the biggest extroverts so if you sit and talk with them, they can really be yours.

People born in August are stubborn and may feel irritated very easily so it is very essential to think and speak with them as your ship may sail in the wrong direction and ultimately be drowned.

But to be on the positive end of August-born can really make you feel motivated at times and can recharge you with so much energy that you can overcome any difficulty. History explains how great leaders and historian’s motivated people and the majority of them were born in August. Mr. Barrack Obama is one of the greatest examples in this scenario who fought many battles in his personal life and ultimately became the president of the United States.