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Assumption Day is the Christian feast day celebrating the belief that God assumed the Virgin Mary into Heaven as soon as the death followed her. This day is celebrated around 15 August every year in many countries, mainly in the parts of Europe and South America. This day is also known by the name “The Dormition of the Mother or the Feast of the Assumption”.

People around the world celebrate the day in their own style. Colorful processions in the streets with fireworks display are some of the styles that people follow and this is done in almost the entire United States. Bowing procession is the main event of the day in rural areas outside Rome.

Virgin Mary’s statue is carried out through the town to the official arch of flowers, wherein a bunch of people holding Christ’s statue awaits her arrival. Both the statues are inclined towards each other for three times after which Christ’s figure precedes Mary’s figure back to the church for a much-awaited benediction. Southern parts of Brazil and Sao Paulo call this feast by the name of “Nosa Senhora dos Navengantes”. See More Assumption Day Images

Happy Assumption Day Quotes
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Happy Assumption Day Quotes
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Pageants are carried on the decorated canoes; each carries one captain, a purser, three musicians, and two rovers. They also travel to villages and entertain people. Citizens would ride through the lakes which were temporary water lakes as carriages and it was common for people to carry bowls of rose scented water which they sprinkled on themselves as a ritual in which God was petitioned to give adequate rainfall for the crops or often considered as paying homage to the pagan goddess Isis of the Sea. This day is also an important holiday in France where the Virgin Mary has been a patron saint since 1638.

Assumption Day is a public holiday in many countries such as Austria, Belgium, Chile, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland however Assumption day is not a public holiday in countries like Australia, Canada, The United Kingdom, and the United States.

Happy Assumption Day Quotes Free Download
Happy Assumption Day Quotes Free Download
Happy Assumption Day Quotes
Happy Assumption Day Quotes For Inspirational

Assumption Day memorialize the belief that Mary who was the mother of Jesus Christ, died, but the body was not subjected to the process of normal physical decay but was assumed into “heaven” and reunited up there with the holy soul. In many parts of Europe, this is also known as the Feast of Our Lady of the Harvest and is also celebrated since fourth century CE.

Leftovers of the ancient celebrations include nighttime bonfires and public illuminations which may be symbolic to the Sun, in Italy. Some cultures also throw coin out of their windows showing the idea of prosperity.

The blue color is often associated with the Virgin Mary which symbolized truth and clarity and is the color of the sky symbolizing heaven. Lily as a symbol of purity and simplicity is also linked to the Virgin Mary.

It is firmly believed that from Mary’s position of strength she will always help the poor on earth find justice and will challenge the powerful and rich to disbelief wealth and power as a prime source of ecstasy.