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President’s Day is a government occasion in the United States praised each year on the third Monday of February to respect George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and furthermore every one of the Presidents of the nation.

Until 1971 both twelfth February and 22nd February were praised as open occasions to respect the birthday events of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. In 1971 President Richard Nixon proclaimed the Presidents’ Day as one government open occasion to respect every one of the Presidents of the United States.

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George Washington (22nd February 1732 – fourteenth December 1799): At the season of his introduction to the world America was not a free country, it was under British principle and Americans were battling for an opportunity. George Washington was an American general in the war against Britain to get the opportunity for America. He was chosen as the main leader of the United States.

Abraham Lincoln (twelfth February 1809 – fifteenth April 1865): He was conceived in an exceptionally poor family and battled a great deal to get his essential instruction. By excellence of his diligent work and commitment, he turned into the sixteenth leader of the United States.