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This day is a public holiday marked on the first Monday of September every year in the United States. It credits the American labor movement and the great contributions of the workers towards development, strength, security, prosperity, laws, persistence and above all well-being of the country.

This day is a federal holiday and is the Monday of the long weekend. The first parade was organized in the New York City and this day was promoted by the Knights of labor and Central Labor Union and was carried out at New York’s Union Square. Oregon in the United States was the first state to mark it as an official public holiday back in 1887.

First Monday of September is also Canada’s Labor Day. It is also said that the idea of Labor Day is a concoction of Peter J.McGuire who was then the vice-president of the American Federation of Labor and he made the initial proposal in 1882. See More Labour Day Images

On May 8, 1882, he made a proposal to the fledgling Central Labor Union in NYC that a day should be set aside for the laboring class as a general holiday and he also said that an event should start with a formal street parade as a public demonstration labor’s strength and solidarity followed by a picnic, to which local unions participating could sell tickets.

Happy Labour Day Quotes
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Labour Day Inspirational Quotes
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Owing to optimum weather and sitting midway between the 4th of July and the Thanksgiving McGuire suggested the First Monday of September ideal for the celebration of Labor Day. Major prominent Labor leaders and features speeches and picnics and public gatherings are the most frequent.

This day is also known as the “unofficial end of summer” as it marks the end of the cultural summer season. Many activities such as schools and sports begin about this time and the two weeks’ vacation also ends on the Labor Day weekend. Classes in the schools are resumed and many districts across the Midwest opt to open the schools after Labor Day.

Many sports also begins on the Labor Day weekend like National Collegiate Athletic Association teams formally play their first game that weekend and National Football league play their kickoff game the Thursday following the Labor Day. This day is also a middle point between week one and two of the U.S. Open Tennis Championship which is held at Flushing Meadows.

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Labour Day Quotes In Hindi and English

Labor Day is also considered as the last to wear white when it comes to fashion and in big cities, people love to go outside and enjoy the beaches and barbeques. There are various activities and events organized across the cities like New York City offers Labor Day special carnival, fireworks over Coney Island, and Happy hours in some restaurants and many other enthusiastic activities.

U.S. Capitol features the National Symphony Orchestra with free attendance on this day. To allow potential customers in the shop many retailers offers discounts and allowances especially for back-to-school sales. It is by some retailers also considered as the largest sale dates of the year and second to the Christmas season.