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This day is celebrated in the honor of mother which is also called the greatest gift of God to us and all the living beings. It is celebrated all across the USA and on 2nd Sunday of May. In 1907 Anna Jarvis, the founder of mother’s day propagated the idea of celebrating mother’s day in honor of all the mothers. The day is celebrated as honoring your mother who has a vaster contribution in our lives, no matter what she always stands for us in any situation. Everyone celebrates the day in their own style. Though this day has also been used as a date for launching political causes like Coretta Scott King, wife of famous Martin Luther King used this day to host March to support the underprivileged children and women. Some give cards and gifts to their mothers while some prefer to dine out and spend the entire day with their beloved mother. Check out the more related post Happy Mothers Day Gif Images Free

Happy Mothers Day Clipart
Happy Mothers Day Clipart Free Download
Mothers Day Clipart
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Mothers Day Clipart Free Download
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All the restaurants across the United States are full on this occasion and around 170 million greeting cards are sold making it the second largest card-sending holiday after Christmas. Whatever the way may be, the prime and the sole aim of this day is to say a hearty thanks to our mothers for everything they have done for us and make them feel that they are the special angels in our life. We can never pay them for what they do and what they have done for us but a small gesture is enough to fill their heart with joy and ecstasy so that feel more proud and overwhelmed.