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October is the tenth month of the year having a length of 31 days. Its name is derived from octo, which means eight in Latin. In Middle English, this month is also called as October.

In Geographical terms, this month is often termed as the month of Obsessive heat. The weather is very pleasant and one can plan all the outdoor activities or a long drive for that matter.

The birth flower for the month of October is calendula and the birthstone is Opal. It is often said that if someone who is not born in October wears Opal it might break but it can just be considered as a myth. In the United States, October is termed as the ‘National Month’ as many important days of National importance falls on this month. See More November 2019 Calendar

October 2019 Calendar
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October 2019 Calendar
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Discovery of America’s Day – This day is celebrated as a day when Columbus discovered America on 12 October. While in search for the sea route to India he reached the island of Bahamas that he later named as San Salvador.

Queen’s birthday in Australia – The day is a feast celebrating the birthday of the Queen of Great Britain and Australia Queen Elizabeth II. The day also marks the start of Australia’s ski season. Ski lovers from across the world join the season and take part in this adventure run.

October Calendar 2019
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October Calendar 2019
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Thanksgiving in Canada – Second Monday in October except in the New Brunswick region of Canada is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day. This is a retail closing holiday and most of the retail business is closed. Martin Frobisher formal English explorer while searching for the northern passage to orient came to Canada and settled there. Since then it became a recognized holiday in 1879. People celebrate it by gathering with their loved ones and preparing the Thanksgiving meal.