Blank October Calendar 2019 Printable

October is marked as the 10 months in the Gregorian calendar which has 31 days while Roam Calendar marks it as the 8th month. The word October came from an old Latin Oct which means eight. This month is also known as the start of the autumn month and some calls it as the month of Obsessive heat.

October can also be called as a kick-off to the holiday season as leaves turning colors into different shades with a nice feeling long drive with pleasant weather to boost your mood on. Opal and Tourmaline are the birthstones for October while Marigold is the Birth flower. Marigold is said to have some medicinal properties like anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory hence we can also call October as a healthy living month.

Therefore many health discoveries and awareness programs are run the entire month in different parts of the United States. Halloween safety month, Health Literacy month and Liver awareness month are some of the examples. October witnessed some great historical events like Henry Ford which was the first universal car went on sale, famous Panama Canal was handed over to Panama after 70 years of American Rule and there are infinite numbers of events. See More October 2019 Calendar Template

October Calendar 2019
Blank October Calendar 2019 Template
October 2019 Calendar
Printable October 2019 Calendar Template

This month also have the birthdays of some of the famous world personalities like Mahatma Gandhi who furiously fought for the freedom of India from British was born on 2 October 1869 and this day is a National Holiday in the Republic of India.

The charming Julia Roberts who enthralled the world with her beauty and powerful acting skills was born on 28 October 1967. One of the richest billionaire of the world Mr. Bill Gates who is a Co-Founder of the Technology giant Microsoft was also born on 28 October 1955.

All this above example tells us that people born in this month has a very great caliber and zeal to grow and be successful at any cost. Thus it can also be said that October born are very charismatic and emotionally very intelligent.

Calendar October 2019
Blank October 2019 Calendar Printable Template
Calendar 2019 October
October Calendar 2019 Editable Template
Printable Calendar 2019 October
October Calendar 2019 Template

They use their emotional intelligence to overcome their emotions which may sometimes back foot them. They are very honest and believe in justice, peace, and harmony. If you wish to win a girl’s heart who is October born simply say it to her directly at a quieter place with minimum noise and say it with full honesty.

She might not answer there n then but I am sure you will definitely get a positive response. Because October born people are direct.

From Bill Gates example we can also say that people born in October are also business-oriented and don’t love to work under someone. But always be careful while talking to them because they easily feel offended when rough behavior is shown and never ever ask them directly about their family as they might feel it bad because they consider family as the top priority above all. Getting hurt and recovering is one of the traits.